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To Pay or Not to Pay...

I'm trying to decide if I should even bother with a paid account this year. I don't even use my journal anymore except to read other journals. It feels like such a waste of money yet at the same time I like having the extra icons and such. I wonder if it's worth it just to be able to use so many different icons when I comment.

I suppose I could try to get back into it again. Nothing really interesting happens any more, though. Either that or I've just decided nothing's really warrants me making a post. Twitter seems more to my liking, being able to just post one line and then leave it at that. I rarely feel the need to expand upon it.

I'll probably sign on for one more year. At the very least it'll give me time to get all the pictures I have uploaded to the scrapbook safely on to my computer.
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Rainbow Cake

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at making the rainbow cake shown here:

I didn't make the weight watchers version, though. I just did a box cake with food coloring. The results came out well enough but I think I'll be making some changes next time I make it.

First mistake I made was forgetting that one box of cake mix makes 2 cakes. I put all the mix into one pan which is why that horrible crack is on top of it.
The next really isn't a mistake but an annoyance. I used gel coloring because it makes the colors more vibrant but I couldn't seem to get the red the right shade. I think next time, if I start with an already pink cake and add coloring it might turn out better.

I kind of have a hard time eating this cake. I keep looking at it and expecting all the colors to taste different. But no, they don't, and it's kinda driving me crazy >.
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